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[13 Jul 2009|11:51pm]
[ mood | nice ]

today, this old lady and her daughter-in-law were in the doctor's office waiting room and there was a cooking show on the television. the lady on the show said something about "these contain a lot of vitamins and minerals." the old lady in the waiting room said, "what does? strawberries?" her daughter-in-law said, "no, fruit." the old lady said, "oh, yeah. she should stop talking."

in other news, my voice may be returning, so i guess i don't have to buy one of those electronic talking computers.

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[02 Apr 2009|01:49pm]
[ mood | likeful ]

a customer on etsy just sent me this message and picture-


My husband gave me one of these paintings for Christmas last year and I love it! Anyway, I got to meet Ben Folds this past Monday and he signed mine (and also drew a piano coming out of his mouth)! I thought you might like a picture of it. :)

I love your work!


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[27 Mar 2009|12:44pm]
[ mood | achy ]

james got my roommate high pretty much for the first time ever and i took notes. here are my roommate's best of..

- i can understand the sensation behind the marijuana.

- i can see how this could be cool now. it's just weird how you notice things more. things that you normally wouldn't notice.

- i can totally see how i could never study high.

- i couldn't go to the store now. i'd be too silly.

- if i wasn't high, it wouldn't be funny, but it's funny because i'm high.

- it's triple sided tape.

- i need to play geometry wars right now. that would be raw.

- it's kinda funny how you're bobbing your head and you don't even realize it.

- i suddenly remember things now, too. like, i was suppose to call my mom tonight. i don't think i can do that now.

- cliche! i'm one of those people you would see in a piss poor movie where the guy is smoking pot for the first time.. and every time you see him in that movie he's being cliche.

- i'm a cliche. i'm that guy. if i was in a movie.. i would be that guy.

- i've become everything i hate in those movies right now.. and i hate myself.

- i'm mad about this. i'm that fucking guy. i'm suddenly seeing.. that word again! see? i'd never pick that out if i wasn't high.

- i can see how hippies like their hippy music.

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[08 Mar 2009|01:06am]
[ mood | tired ]

for kati-

how often does two friday the 13ths in a row happen?

for the same week day to fall on the same numeric date in the following month, then the number of intervening days must be exactly divisible by 7...

how may times does a month end on a number divisible by seven?

that's only possible when february is 28 days long. so if there is a friday 13 on february, the next friday will also fall on the 13th, unless it's a leap year. you could work out the exact probability if you really wanted to, but roughly:
- the chance of a friday the 13th in february is 1/7.
- if that happens, then the chance of a friday 13th in march is a bit less than 3/4.

the ned.

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[12 Feb 2009|07:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey, i was blogged!


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[31 Dec 2008|04:48pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

oh and i'll need to add "getting stitches" to my 2008 year-in-review too.

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[29 Dec 2008|09:10pm]
[ mood | good ]

my year in review 2008!Collapse )

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[20 Nov 2008|10:42pm]
[ mood | walled and mad about it ]

aunt helen will be in town tomorrow. i will see her thanksgiving, unless i can come up with a reason not to go to the gathering. just like every year, i have a week to drop 20 pounds. maybe 15.

i have too many orders to keep up with and all my art is looking like crap tonight. i'm unmotivated and i feel fat.

i cut my thumb nearly slap off and it won't stop bleeding. buckley's cage smells like a cookie and it's just not good.

broken social scene was nothing short of mesmerizing. it was one of the best shows i've ever been to in my entire life. if everybody in this world listened to them and watched them every day, everyone would love each other always. i'm sure of it.

still can't tell with branden, but we're hanging out tomorrow night and saturday. i feel like i'm in middle school. will someone please just ask him if he likes me?

the doctor couldn't get a sample of my mom's bone marrow, so after removing the humungous needle from her side, he rescheduled her appointment for next week at the hospital. he made my mom cry and i don't like that.

my hair is all sorts of shades that i don't like. it looks like fall atop my head. it's going back to the way it was before on saturday. believe it.

in closing, you can buy codeine online here.

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[30 Oct 2008|08:32pm]
[ mood | gross ]

i'm an example!




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[18 Oct 2008|07:00pm]
[ mood | high-droconed ]

i guess this is turning into more of an art journal than a livejournal these days. i can barely justify using this time to type because it really translates into time subtracted from painting, working on the website, and/or other things of such.

october has been a really big month. projects have been placed aside because other opportunities have called for my attention. i'm a third of the way through the art shows i've obligated myself to. i'm embarrassed to say that i didn't attend the first one and i'm even more embarrassed to say that the reason is because i chickened out. my stuff was displayed, but i couldn't talk myself into going and seeing the people look at it or ask me about it. i don't know why. i mean, i was in that other show, but i guess it wasn't as exclusive as this one. i was one of only five artists. whereas before, i was one of 50 or so. the other events i've donated to, were drop offs, and i didn't have to think about them anymore. my mom and her neighbor attended and she said that it was good. i've been rallying myself for the one on the 24th, so the one on the 24th, i will go.

at the beginning of the month, will tallman from punch drunk, asked me to work on some things for, and with, his band. he's been living in illinois for a while, but is moving back down in a couple of weeks to record their third cd. we've agreed that i'll do their t-shirt designs, flyers, singles covers, and some other things that may or may not consist of balloons and jolly ranchers. mmm colors.

i started working on some designs for the band, but then i saw a big cartel site and i started playing with that.. and then i bought lesleyarango.com and smushed the two together. i was close to completing it, when..

i showed the custom pet portraits section of the site to my manager at work and loosely tossed out the idea of putting them on the company's website. she took to the idea and said she'd feel out the owner and possibly ask her. within a week, she was at my desk, telling me to come up with a price and a percentage and more paintings so our photographer could take professional pictures of them and to send our website lady what i wanted the page to say and she'd do me up a page. hot dog!

my manager at work, ellen, also manages a singer/songwriter. she did such a good job at getting me thepetstoreonline.com gig, that i asked her to be my art manager. so, i have an art manager now. she will find and promote my site on other sites and get me signed up for craft fairs and art shows. she'll tell me what i need, when, and where to go. she'll also do my relisting on etsy and lov.li and help keep my website up to date. i think she's going to hold down the blog section of the site, too. maybe she'll cook my breakfast, or at least, order papa johns for me.

so that's that and now i am going to start working on my frankenstein and his bride paintings for the third art show on the 31st, thus closing the book on my october.

the begENDing.

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[03 Oct 2008|12:42pm]
[ mood | all about the Zs ]

so, i'm in this art show tonight at the douglasville school of art. i met with robby pope, the owner, a week ago and showed him some of my stuff. he said some really big things that meant a lot because, well, they came from him. he's got his ph.d. in art education and is in some galleries in new york. he's seen and done a lot. he asked me to come up with 6 paintings for the show tonight. i'm sleep deprived and when asked what day it is, i think 'january,' but six paintings i have painted.

tonight's show is a "taste" of the bigger show that is on october 24th. both are featuring five to six artists, a band, spoken word, hors d'oeuvres, and some kind of class that will be held in one of the rooms.

my set consists of two gold framed pieces of glass (they are around 24x19 inches) that are pieces of a mannequin, two are 16x20" canvases that have an elephant and a chandelier on them, and two are the framed 8.5x11" paintings like i sell on etsy, which are a poppy flower and a kazoo.

here's a digital version of what it looks like-


i'm also going to be in an art show at the doogallery at the end of the month. it's the same place josh and i did the go skate art show where we painted the skateboard decks for the tony hawk foundation. this will be a halloween themed show. i've been selling a few frankenstein paintings, so i will paint those on canvas and it won't be as hectic as this last week was with coming up with new designs and whatnot.

so that's a few somewhat major things for me. my website workings came to a screeching halt this week, but now that i've got my paintings done, i can regenerate my focus back to it. hopefully, i can mass market that in a couple of weeks.

thanks fer listenin', folks.


[11 Sep 2008|11:04pm]
[ mood | yum ]

so, the other week some research company called me and wanted me to participate in a focus group in buckhead. they said compensation would be $150 for an hour and a half. i went tonight and it was legit. they paid in cash and they asked me a ton of questions about paypal. this company conducts a lot of research groups and everyone should sign up. here's the link.


oh, and no, my livejournal has not been hacked. i love green and i want papa johns every day.

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[22 Aug 2008|11:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

so, i spent way too much time on this site. meet wilma.


and if you want to meet the rest..Collapse )

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[01 Aug 2008|01:53am]
[ mood | boo yah ]

michael's has halloween decorations out now! halloween decorations out now!

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[18 Jul 2008|01:04am]
[ mood | no off button here ]

josh's dad's memorial service was yesterday. it was a celebration, yes, but a sad one at that. friends, family, and touched acquaintances came to say goodbye and hug josh and his mom. my heart hurts thinking about them and i wish i could do more to make things easier/better. josh is an amazingly strong person and he will continue to build his father's company just as if he started it himself. starting today.

after the service, we went back to josh's house and ate meat roll-ups. they were good. they made some of us have to use the bathroom really bad, so we went home.

dustin and i made plans to eat at the vortex that night. josh and i decided to get tattoos before. he got an ace of spades card on his forearm- just like his dad's, and i got an equation on my.. i don't know what that part of my body is called. shoulder/clavicle area? the closer it got to my neck, the more it felt like razor blades. noelle almost got a tattoo of one of my stencils, but then she didn't. i like her because she thinks every tattoo sample is the most beautiful tattoo sample in the world. and she's probably right.

josh and noelle went home after we got tattooed and i met up with my roommates (minus jeshua) and anthony at the vortex. dustin got there mid-drink. i couldn't feel my face within his first 10 minutes. one drink.

he agreed to come back to the house, but not so i could hit on him. i talked the whole drive home, which, in reality wasn't very long, but sure feels like it when you're using only one breath to say everything. buckley probably didn't remember him, but showed him his dropped balls, nonetheless. dustin was awed.

after dustin left, brian, judd, and i went to mjq. i started spinning after we got there, so i sat down. when judd went mingling, some colombian southern polytecher that was in a sludge band sat down next to me. he was leaning on my knee and his spit landed on my fresh tattoo as he was hitting on me. none of it was appreciated. he entertained me until i quit spinning and went to find my roommates. before i left, i asked him what my name was. "tiara? kara?" wrong. i told him my name for the fourth time and he said "i was going down the alphabet. L comes after K, right?" nice try, polytecher. "you know what's a good way for me to remember you?" he asked that as he leaned in for a kiss. i asked "what?"

"you know what's a good way for me to remember you?" he moved his head closer and went for it. sadly, i slid sideways as he was leaning in.


then some guy threw up all over another guy who then punched the wall in anger. i don't blame him.

we danced and then went home and ate chef boyardee spaghetti.

today, i probably have a hangover but i got to talk to alison and i just typed this on my hot little macbook pro.


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[26 Jun 2008|07:38pm]
[ mood | nary ]

is it just me? why can't i figure out this new damn myspace layout? for ef's sake. the friend search is all wrong and so is the band search. i don't have time for change, tom.

here's a survey.

which do you people like the best?

a.) things that are not made of plastic
b.) nice cervixes
c.) being aware that some kids have autism

long story short, there's an art gallery/studio opening up three doors down from me and they rent it out for $35 an hour. i'm talking jeshua into throwing an art party, nay, silent auction and benefit with me at the end of summer. some percentages of some things will go somewhere. but seriously, if you know me, you know about my issues with plastic bags, and with cervical cancer (really, i heart my gyno), and i'm just down right interested in autism. i'd have to do more research on the last one, though. jeshua doesn't feel friendly toward any of the aforementioned, so when it comes down to it, i think we'll all just ration out a percentage of the profits to whichever organization(s) we choose.

if you have any creative bone in you, be prepared for me to ask you to donate something. you'll get a VIP artist badge to wear all night if you do..

think about it.

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[26 Jun 2008|07:23pm]
[ mood | wakefield'd ]

i just got the news.


thank you, beth.

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[09 Jun 2008|02:34am]
[ mood | amused ]

i can think of several people who will enjoy this just as much as i do. so, here you go.


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[07 Jun 2008|12:22am]
[ mood | i'm missing some people ]

gah, i just noticed the ugly typo in my last entry. alison, you're supposed to call me out on crap like that. i'm leaving it, for memory's sake.

i'm pretty much all settled in at the new place. one day i'll take some pictures and then another day, i'll post them. jeshua, justin, and brian live here too. there was a guy named juan that lived in the downstairs apartment, but he disappeared a couple weeks ago. last we saw of him, he was driving away in his "friend's" car while wearing gardening gloves. his laptop and ipod are sitting on his bed, as well as about 10 pairs of gucci shoes- or some fancy name brand. where is he now? you can use your logic skills here.

so yes, all the boys sleep upstairs and they have two bathrooms between them. i'm on the main floor with my bathroom, the living room, dining room, and kitchen. downstairs, there are two rooms, a bathroom, and a mini kitchen. off of that, is the garage, where jeshua and i transformed into the art room. i've got my color swatch boards and he's got his giant money cross. down the street, there is a police precinct, a general store (which i am told never to go there alone), and a vacant building with some things painted on the side of it. soon, that will be an art studio. i'm hoping it'll be an art gallery too, so maybe jeshua and i can hang some of our stuff in it.

bj, the homeless man that lives in the house across the street, comes over a few times a week. he washes cars and he washed mine the other day. he only charged me $4, but since it was really dirty, i gave him $6. also, justin, jeshua, and i skateboarded* to the store the other night and a man walked out of the bushes, carrying a piping hot papa john's pizza. he offered it to us for $3. i asked to see the pizza. when he opened the box, sure enough, it was authentic. i told him i didn't care for those topping and he said he'd bring me a cheese pizza the next night. he didn't follow through, but that's probably a good thing. still, a papa john's pizza for $3 is a great deal, any way you slice it.

i've mostly been working all day, only to come home to work on art stuff until 1 or 2 in the morning. i've gotten a couple of big orders this last week. someone actually bought a painting for $250. that's ridiculous.

a few months ago, buckley lost 75% of the fur on his tail and the fur behind his arms. come to find out, you're not supposed to feed inside squirrels acorns, peanuts, and dried corn because they don't get enough vitamin D to metabolize it correctly. he was in the beginning stages of MBD (metabolic bone disease). i changed his diet completely and got a UV lamp. none of that seemed to help at first, but a couple weeks ago, he grew back all the hair behind his arms and three days ago, i noticed tiny hairs all over his tail. there's more every day. this makes me so happy i could cry. i love that little guy.

uhm, what else can i write about? hot air balloons and rainbows are still at the top of the list, green is still great, and mini ninjas are too.

the ned.

*they rode the skateboards, and i carried one for protection.

(4 say what - huh?)

[11 May 2008|10:04am]
[ mood | cramp leggy ]

real quick like-

one time buckley got stuck in a wall in pensacola. he couldn't climb out, and after an hour of failed attempts to get him out, i.e. a curtain rod, a towel, my hoodie, lloyd finally had the genius idea of using a piece of carpet. i taped 3 treats on it and it worked. buckley climbed it up and when he popped his smiling head out, he had all three treats in his hands/paws. i think he staged it.

also, when i was in pensacola, we went to a local art store/souvenir shop along the beach. there were all types of art in there- jewelry, clothes, paintings, etc. i asked the lady working there how one would go about getting a booth and she kind of blew me off a little bit, saying they already had a lot of artists in there that painted. she asked me what kind of painting i did and i said "pop art, kind of like andy warhol- with stencils." this seemed to get her attention and she handed me a packet to look over. it had a breakdown of the overhead costs of renting a booth, how much space i could use, and what kind of profit i could expect to bring in. there was also an application and a questionnaire. she told me to come back in 30 minutes to speak with the owner and to make an appointment with her. the lady asked me if i had a business card and i said no, but i could give her my etsy address if she had ever heard of etsy. she was actually a seller there too and that made her really excited. she started to stare at me for a minute and then she said "you know.. i think i know who you are. i think i've seen you on etsy." i kind of thought she was just bluffing, so i laughed and said "oh yeah?" she said, "yeah. you paint people like marilyn monroe. with a bright, solid background.. and you were on the front page one time, right?" that was a completely new and odd feeling. it made me feel like i had eaten a lot of candy cigarettes and i probably like that.

also and also, i moving to atlanta- in with jeshua and his two roommates. the house looks kind of like ashley wilson's house and i bet it's sort of close to her too. and i bet it's bike-riding distance to beth's boyfriend's house where she will hopefully be 90% of the time. hot dog for all of that.

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